2018 Seminar on Leaders of Internet Media Organizations in Beijing, Participant Discovery and Upgrading: Symbol of China-Africa Cooperation Win-Win


Each year the People’s Republic of China organizes training seminars in the socio-economic and cultural field for officials of different African countries as part of its government program based on foreign aid to promote African human resources but also develop quickly as most African countries are still poor.

This year, among so many other trainings for officials from African countries, Journalists and Online Media Managers successfully participated in the 2018 Seminar on Leaders of Internationally Renowned Internet Media Organizations in Beijing. capital of the People’s Republic of China from 09 to 27 August 2018 but also in the province of Jilin.

The training is part of the bilateral cooperation between Africa and China, both parties pledge to strengthen the said cooperation between China and Africa for tangible results.

Agenda of the participants in the 2018 seminar

All started on September 9th in Xinjiao Hotel Conference Room 1, a question for the organizers to explain to the lucky participants the quintessence of this colorful seminar, which brought together journalists from different countries around a table. Africans; namely Uganda, Rwanda, DRC, Ethiopia South Sudan and Kenya.

The first-ever visit of African journalists to Beijing was at Guan Ming Daily, the Great Wall, starTimes, China Science and Technology Museum, Imperial College and so many other Beijing sights. The purpose of this visit was to make African journalists understand where China is coming from, what is its history, and how is China developing rapidly?

Given his eloquent history and its vicissitudes, Mao Zendong’s country attaches great importance to its history.

African journalists and Internet media executives were moved to throw flowers at the Chinese political leaders who are only helping the People’s Republic of China to grow quickly despite its geographic size and the high number of its population.

After Beijing, the happy participants of the 2018 Seminar on Responsible Internet Media Organizations Renowned for African Countries, Journalists Visited Jilin City is the capital of Changchun Province located in the northeastern part of China with an area of ​​187,000 km, bordering Democratic Republic of North Korea, Russia, South Korea and Japan. This strategic and industrial province of China manufactures high-speed trains, pharmaceuticals, electronics and computers, textiles and quality rice production.

African journalists and online media managers visited CRH TrainRolls off line, an impressive high-speed train manufacturing company just after visiting the JILIN TV channel with a 2312 million RMB investment investment. . This ultra modern Television produces 112 films per year.

Which begins well finished well said one, Note also that, the journey of the African Journalists and responsible of Media on-line ends this August 27, 2018 in Beijing

F. Kamanda

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